What is shagging in British slang? (2024)

What is shagging in British slang?

shag in British English

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How do you say OK in slang UK?


You might use this in response to a question about how your day is going. This is the British slang phrase for alright or OK.

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What is the British slang for you're lying?

Porkies – if you are accused of telling a “porkie” it's serious. It means someone thinks you are lying. The saying comes from an old Cockney rhyme that used pork pies and substituted “pies,” for “lies” and it later got shortened to “porkies”.

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What is obvious in British slang?

Blatant - We use this word a lot to mean something is really obvious.

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What is the British slang for pretty girl?

Slang terms for a pretty female in England are: Looker, fit looking, bobbydazzler, blonde bombshell, raver, real goer, tidy, well upholstered, well fit, good catch, tease, razzledazzler.

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What do British call their girlfriends?

British terms of endearment: 'Sweetheart', 'love', 'darling'...

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What is the British slang for promiscuous girl?

In British English slang, "slapper" is a derogatory term for a promiscuous woman or a woman who is considered sexually promiscuous.

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What is the British slang for going to bed?

There are a range of phrases we might employ: I'm off up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire. I'm going to hit the sack. I'm going to hit the hay.

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What is the British slang for foolish person?

In British English, there are several words that can be used to call someone a fool. Some common ones include "daft," "plonker," "numpty," "muppet," "divvy," and "wally." These are all informal and somewhat playful ways of teasing or mocking someone for doing something silly or foolish.

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What is the British slang for buttocks?

Arse — “Arse” is the British (and Australian, and Kiwi) equivalent to the American “ass.” As with most things British versus American, “arse” is a much older way to refer to the buttocks that tracks all the way back to Old Germanic roots.

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What does Rizz stand for?

“Rizz,” short for “charisma,” comes from Black culture, as most American neologisms do. In this case, the word “rizz” was popularized by streamer Kai Cenat.

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What is the British slang for hot guy?

Bev” means a "handsome man."

What is shagging in British slang? (2024)
What is kangaroo slang for?

"Kangaroo" is a slang term used to describe the Australian stocks that comprise the country's benchmark All-Ordinaries Index. The index consists of stocks of the most actively traded Australian companies.

What is hiding in British slang?

[ C usually singular ] old-fashioned. a punishment that consists of being beaten repeatedly. [ C usually singular ] UK informal. a total defeat: "How did the French team get on in their match against Italy?" "They got a real hiding!"

What is the British slang for suspicious?

4. Dodgy. When something's questionable for suspicious, we call it dodgy.

What is the British slang for hot woman?

Some examples of modern British slang include "peng" (meaning attractive or good-looking), "bare" (meaning a lot of something), and "banter" (meaning playful teasing or joking around).

What is British slang for curvy?

Synonyms of 'curvaceous' in British English
  • shapely. her shapely legs.
  • voluptuous. a voluptuous, well-rounded woman with glossy red hair.
  • curvy.
  • buxom. She looked radiant and buxom.
  • full-figured.
  • bosomy.
  • Rubenesque.

How do you say a girl is hot in British slang?

Some other popular British slangs for attractive females include 'fit', 'babe', and 'doll'. A British male may express his attraction to a woman by saying, “She's fit!” It's the British equivalent for the American “hot.” In casual British English, the term 'babe' is quite common, akin to the American 'babe' or 'baby'.

How do you flirt in British slang?

To 'fancy' someone is to find that person attractive, e.g., 'He just smiled. I think he fancies you'. If you fancy him too, you could 'ask him out', which is to ask him to go on a date with you. 'Chat up' is to flirt with someone, e.g., 'She was chatting me up at the party'.

What is the British word for womanizer?

Synonyms of 'womanizer' in British English

He was handsome, fun, charming, but a philanderer.

What does it mean to hit the sack?

hit the sack in American English

slang. to go to bed; go to sleep. He never hits the sack before midnight.

What is British slang for wanting?

Fancy. This term is used as a verb to express desire or wanting. For example, you might ask "Do you fancy some dinner?".

What is a Thicko?

(also thickhead) (plural thickos) (British English, informal) ​a stupid person.

Is knob head a bad word?

(Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, derogatory, vulgar, slang) A fool; an idiot; a contemptible person.

What is a Gormless person?

(ˈɡɔrmlɪs) adjective. chiefly Brit informal. lacking in vitality or intelligence; stupid, dull, or clumsy; gaumless.

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