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Redefining Search and Search Engines

By Faisal Laljee

As internet consumers, we are used to the terms “Google it”, “I will Facebook you” or “Tweet”. But when it comes to Search, one immediately thinks of Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and in some rare cases, Ask.com. Indeed when reports of search market share are released each month, Google seems to be gaining the ground... »

Top Ten Stock Tweets to Follow

By Faisal Laljee

The Twitterverse is getting larger by the minute and sites like Stocktwits are gaining strong popularity among financial bloggers. But amidst all the hoopla, it can get mighty difficult to weed out the noise and focus on the opinions that matter to you. My list of Twitter “friends” and followers is public information but... »

Follow my Tweets for Quick Picks

By Faisal Laljee

On May 14th, I tweeted: Since then, Trina Solar is up 23%. Now I don’t always have time for the “why” so I tweet some of my “Quick Picks”. Now mind you, some of my picks won’t work out so act responsibly and don’t trade unless you are convinced. The Quick Picks are more... »

Top Stocks to Buy in 2009 Part 3

By Faisal Laljee

Get Cramer’s best stock picks & his latest bestseller FREE. To learn how, CLICK HERE I realize this post is a couple of months late. Markets have rallied over 30% since March 9th, which was the lowest point in US equity markets in over 12 years. So I apologize to those that follow this... »

Loopt – The Social Network for Mobile

By Faisal Laljee

Now I know this is a financial blog, but I am the first to admit that I am an early adopter when it comes to technology, specially when its free and this particular technology is particularly impressive. Loopt is primarily an application for the iPhone and other mobile devices (currently over 100 mobile devices... »

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