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Google’s Android will become the default Mobile Platform

By Faisal Laljee

Google’s Android OS is the hottest ever OS for mobile devices. In fact, over a handful of Android devices (some say as high as 20) are slated to launch this year alone from HTC, Sony, Samsung, and even Garmin. I have said this before but I truly believe that Android will be the single... »

Apple iPhone for the Masses

By Faisal Laljee

Bloomberg confirmed last week that Walmart would be selling two Apple iPhone models later this month. This suddenly opens up the middle and lower-middle class market to Apple. People that don’t have a Best Buy near, or don’t shop there, will now see the iPhones in Walmart stores and will want a piece of... »

Research In Motion Pullback is an Opportunity

By Faisal Laljee

Research in Motion (RIMM), the maker of the popular Blackberry smartphone ran into some headwinds last month when it missed earnings estimated by a penny. That was enough to send the stock down 10% from a near high of $145. The market pull back further pushed the stock down all the way to $115... »

Navteq’s Purchase is Disappointing

By Faisal Laljee

Garmin’s (GRMN) delayed bid for Tele-Atlas confirms investor sentiment that perhaps Navteq (NVT) should have played a little hardball before agreeing to be purchased by Nokia (NOK). I am still disappointed that Navteq gave up so cheaply. They are worth more and I am still holding their shares in the hopes of a counter... »

Navteq Deal Great for Nokia; Garmin Needs to Breathe

By Faisal Laljee

Nokia (NOK) has really been an impressive performer of late, with the stock rising some 35% since mid-August and 90% year-to-date. First, lets talk about this Navteq (NVT) deal. I believe Nokia got them on the cheap. I mean Navteq is the number one player in the online map space and I am surprised... »

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