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Recession for a Year. I Told You So!

By Faisal Laljee

It comes as no shock to me, that the National Bureau of Economic Research confirmed today that we have been in a recession for almost a year. In fact, it makes me laugh. I find it utterly ridiculous how long it takes for NBER to determine the point at which we entered a recession.... »

Selling into Rallies

By Faisal Laljee

The DJIA is up triple digits two days in a row and 3 out of the last 4 days. I am using this opportunity to sell some stocks and increase my short exposure. I just feel that the market needs one strong leg down before I can start buying long positions again. So I... »

Home Depot a Haven For Value Seekers.

By Faisal Laljee

Home Depot (HD) has had its share of misfortunes. It started with competition from Lowe’s (LOW) which resulted in market share losses. Then customer service issues pegged back its retail expansion. That was followed by uproar over former CEO Bob Nardelli’s pay package, which was succeeded by the housing market’s woes that caused the... »

Housing Still in a Rut but Homebuilders Near a Bottom

By Faisal Laljee

Recent stock price performance of homebuilders and those that are affected by the housing slow-down that began in late 2005 echoes the sentiment shared by many of its pundits, including top executives of many homebuilders. At a recent Real Estate Summit in New York, Larry Sorsby, executive vice president and chief financial officer of... »

Should Regulators Have Their Way with Mortgage Lenders?

By Faisal Laljee

As if there isn’t enough talk of the sub-prime mortgage business already out there, here is another post concerning the subject. Why is this post different than some of the others? For one, living in Los Angeles means I have some friends in the mortgage arena so I know a thing or two about... »

Will the Sub-Prime Mortgage Issues Have an Adverse Impact on the Markets

By Faisal Laljee

This is a question that most investors are pondering, including myself. Will Sub-Prime Mortgage Issues Impact our Financial Markets in a Way not seen since the Enron scandal? While I am not sure of the answer, here is my point of view. It all started with HSBC warning of higher delinquincies in their mortgage... »

Housing Has Some More Downside

By Faisal Laljee

While housing stocks cannot possibly be beaten down any more, they stopped going down back in September and the future looks ok. However, housing stocks tend to turn ahead of the sector. Buying housing stocks here is not such a bad idea, but if you are looking to buy a house, lower prices ahead.... »

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