The 4 Most Important Earnings Announcements This Afternoon

Friday, June 19, 2009
By Faisal Laljee

4 earnings that are really impacting the respective stock prices after hours:

1) Apple (AAPL) – Earnings were rock solid. Everything up. Stock is headed to $150. If not this year, then next. Watch them take market share from the likes of Dell and HP. Heck, I am a Mac hater and I even I am toying with the idea of buying a Macbook. If only they made it in lime green.. Just kidding.

2) Akamai (AKAM) – What a bummer. I thought they would have great earnings considering how huge internet content is becoming. With so much downloadable content, including video, I can’t imagine how they could have screwed up the quarter and not raised guidance. There has to be more here. Very disappointing.

3) F5 Networks (FFIV) – The best of the bunch, yet not as widely followed. Up huuuuuge after hours. Semis are really on the move. Nasdaq is finally going to start leading again if this keeps playing out. Love this one.

4) Nutisystem (NTRI) – Great earnings yet again. Aside from the hiccup a couple of quarters ago that saw the stock drop from the high 60′s to the mid 40′s, the company has done really well. Up big after hours.

Any other earnings worth mentioning?

Yesterday, Travelzoo (TZOO) was a big disappointment. Based on a recent attempted breakout and Priceline’s earnings from 2 weeks ago, I was expecting Travelzoo to have great numbers. Clearly, I was wrong.

Choicepoint (CPS) also came out with earnings earlier this week. I have received quite a response from a lot of people about the call I made on Choicepoint. While the stock did well in light of their earnings, I think Choicepoint remains a risky bet. The sub-prime and mortgage shakeout will show up in their earnings this quarter or next as lenders finish paying out their contracts. Meanwhile, there is a case pending against Choicepoint, which remains a threat to their third quarter numbers.

If you include RIMM, then I am 4 out of 6 on earning related moves, with one that needs to play out longer.

– Faisal Laljee

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